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→ Anonymous whispered : these exo fans seriously need to sit down and rethink whatever the fuck they think they're doing because your oppa's comebacks can wait but these people might not even come back. they're still gonna have their comeback ffs. i thought i was over exo fans doing their dumb shit but wow now some are even celebrating luhans birthday in the #prayforsouthkorea tag?? the fuck do you think you are disrespecting everyone. im sorry this just pmo

WHAT THE FUCK AT THE LUHAN PART. These fans are really taking it too far.. ugh I just can’t even ugh, just my bloods like boiling >.>

i feel like shit living in this world with THOSE peoples.. like are you people even fucking humans? can you even claim yourself as a HUMAN BEING?! What would you say if YOU were on that fucking boat and was waiting for rescue? how i wish you were, you would feel the pain all those are in STILL at the moment of you waiting for your fucking oppars to have a comeback.

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